Top 5 Tips To Choose A Guardian For Your Child:

1. Make a decision and don’t procrastinate. This can be an incredibly difficult decision for parents, but it is better to make a decision and change it later than to do nothing at all.  If you don’t make a decision and something happens to you, then a judge makes the decision for you.  In addition to naming your preferred guardian in your legal documents, you want to name at least one alternate as a back-up in the documents in case your first choice isn’t available.  Don’t procrastinate and make sure to work with an estate planning attorney to get the proper legal documents in place.  Do your best and know that you can always change it later.

2. Start with the practicalities like location and stage of life.  Consider the location that your guardian lives in and their ability to include your child or children into their family.  Can the guardian move into your family home? Would your child move into their home?  Do they live in a good school district? Would your child have to relocate to another state?  You also want to consider the person’s age and stage of life.  Sometimes it’s not a good idea to name someone very young starting off in their career or parents or loved ones who are retired and beyond the stage of raising kids.

3. Take values and religion into account.  Does the guardian share the same religion and is that an important factor in raising your child?  What are the values that they will instill in your children relating to money, helping others, work ethic? You can give the guardian a letter with some guidance on what is important to you in raising your child as well as any doctor contact information, allergy information, etc.  All of the information that you as a parent have in your head that the guardian would need.

4. Considering choosing different people.  The guardian you choose can be a different person than the trustee managing the money for your child.  You can choose to name one person to manage the finances and someone else to care for your child.  Sometimes it is better to divide and conquer and name two different individuals for these roles; other times it makes sense to name the same person for both roles.  Administratively, it is easier for the guardian to also control the finances for your child, however, that isn’t always the best person based on their skills and the fact that there are no checks and balances. Either way, it’s critical to do the rest of the estate planning so that your child will be cared for financially as well.

5. Talk to the potential guardian.  Make sure to talk with your preferred guardian to find out if they are up to the task and wiling to serve in that role.  This is a huge decision and it is not just your decision to make.  You need to talk with them to make sure that they can handle the responsibility and share your expectations with them.  And don’t sugarcoat your expectations!  It is better to change the guardian if it isn’t a good fit than to name a guardian that will not be suitable for your child.

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